Who can do what?

Unregistered visitors of the website can read all contents and comment on articles in the “Practices” section.

Registered users can additionally upload practices and take actively part in the Forum. Registered users have a member profile and can become group members.

How do I register?

! Registration is open again ! To avoid spam as much as possible, registrations have to be confirmed by an administrator. This can take up to several days. Additionally, it is obligatory to fill the field “Why do I want to become a member?” in the registration dialogue. Please provide some details about your motivation to join the website, there, to make it easier for us to distinguish serious registrations from spam-bots. Thank you !

Registration is easy and fast. Use the registration link in the left menu! You will be asked for username and your E-Mail address and you can choose a password. Then a confirmation message will be send to your E-Mail address. Click on the link in the E-Mail to verify your registration and you are done! You can now log in to the site with your username and password.

How do I upload my own Web 2.0 practices?

1. Use the link “Add your own practice” in the menu on the left site!

2. Enter a title for your post (e.g. the name of your project at school) and enter the text of the article about your practice in the bigger textbox below. You can use the buttons above the textbox to format your text and to add images, videos or links to other websites. In case your article is quite long, you can use the “Insert More tag” to add a “Read the rest of this entry” link. This makes the frontpage of the Practices Page more user-friendly.

3. You can put content-related tags to your article (e.g. “blog”, “primary school”, etc.) using the “Post Tags” box in the right column on the bottom. This makes it easier for users with special interests to find your article.

4. Click on the blue “Submit for Review” bottom in the right column to send the article about your¬†practice to us. Someone from the project team will review your article and publish it on the website (this is to prevent spam). You can make changes to your article later at any point in time by accessing the Posts menu in the Site Admin area.

How do I make changes to my articles/comments/profile?

To make changes to your articles in the “Practices” section, to make changes or delete comments you have made to other articles or to make changes to your profile (e.g. to get a new password or avatar) you have to enter the “Site Admin” area. Use the link “Site Admin” on the bottom of the left menu! You find your articles in the “Post” menu there.

How can I actively take part in the Forums?

You have to be registered to open new topics or reply to existing topics in the Forums. You can access the list of existing topics by clicking on the “Forums” link in the main menu on top. You can start a new topic by clicking on the black “New Topic” link on top. You can read posts of existing topics by clicking on the topic name. There you can leave your reply by entering your message in the textbox “Add a reply” on the bottom and clicking on “Post Reply” below.

How do I become member of a Group?

Groups are organisational units on the website for users with special interests (e.g. language groups). Groups can have their own forum topics (e.g. for communication in a certain language). To see what groups exist click on the “Groups” link in the main menu on top. Use the black “Join Group” link on the right side to join a certain group. You can leave groups again at any time. The group “Internal” is a special group for partners of the project only. Please don’t use the “Request Membership” bottom, if you are not an internal project partner.

How do I add resources to the “Basics” and “Experts/Advanced” pages?

Sorry, this feature is currently only available for internal project partners…